Aural Insanity EP

by DameSmiff

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I was locked in a room for a long time with nothing but a piano and a microphone, this is simply what came to fruition during that time.


released October 20, 2015

Recorded, mixed, mastered by Damon Z. Smith III


all rights reserved



DameSmiff Maryland

Black business owner.

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Track Name: Never Misunderstood
So, letme get your mind straight/
This ain't your type of music 'cuz/
This right here is my tape/
Set the canvas up, paint your mindscape/
We're listening o colors now that's what I call a mindgame/
"Oh hi Dame, tell me is you high lame?"/
Smiling in my face to talk about me like that's not my name/
Well I guess I shouldn't mind then/
Real is the only thing pumping through my veins/
Now, well since we're done with introductions/
Ima bring this heat 'cuz, musical convection oven/
Brolic is this beat I cooked it up like I'm a method runner/
Knocking heads to feet, you know about me I'm not up and coming/

(I know I'm on to something) x2

First I set scene, look around make sure my wallet bumpin/
You know I'm eating good/
Never had a message so you know I'm not misunderstood/
Track Name: G.F.E.D. (Get Fresh Every Day)
Woke up 4 a.m. tired of feeling broke/
get fresh everyday, make progress, keep stacking this dough/
I'm rocking old stock brand new sneakers and my funds are valley low/
...that's money on my phone/
She said: "Boy, what you 'bout to do these vultures at your door!?"/
I said load up these two shotgun shells (Headphones) and bust 'em stereo/
I got the only pair of these that's ever being sold/
...god damn, they just came out with some more/
I ain't know they came out with these in the gold?/
Hell nah they didn't homie it's all 'bout who you know/
remember who you are, show love and always ask for more/
get fresh everyday, make progress, keep stacking this dough/
I know these boys see me and I'm grinding/ staying in my lane, looking clean, slow driving/
Ain't no need to rush, I left early I'm on time then/
positioned in the middle of them thighs and.../
ear's to the future, innovation is the mindset/
Get fresh everyday, the sun is my rival/
alright then/
respect me on arrival/
If you feel me you can ride then/
alright then/

(Get Fresh Everyday)
Track Name: Mello
Here's what I'm gone do/
Hold up salute/
to the brand new dudes without they crew scraping up they tunes/
don't know what to do, just keep it cool/
eat food, keep it clean, wet and dirty just like the pool/
we just like you, tryna make it to round 2/
checked the bank and saw the worst kind of zeros/
and the TV show the worst kind of heroes/
I'm thinking back like, I'm like: "Where'd it go?"/
we say they wack but they selling gold/
I'm making track but not for hoes/
I want respect not records sold now/
We call it king pinning, cook up this dope and keep the people spinning/
that mood changer, that number one banger/
you think we selling coke, nah not the same player/
see it's crack music, what you think we selling here/
living the fast life and now we switching gears and then we're gone/
we looking good now, trips to Italy, shows in Moscow/

Track Name: See You In The Morning
1st Verse

You know we're too live and I know you can't wait to get off my 9-5/
been planning this for a week, so you know I got a ride/
keeping busy for the week, it's going down tonight/
I tried to hit you up but see the celly died/
but here's another cup baby to get you right/
so many females in this joint that I'm the only guy/
and it only right, that I keep it live/
When I come around you all know what I do/
Homie gimmie pound then exchange the 'What-it-do's'/
It's about to be a buenas noches/
lil mama came out lookin right up in that 'oh yes'/
I made progress, she in a cold dress/
and the movements in her hips, they made me focus/
and you knows this man/
I feel incredible, mami looking edible, inevitable, I'm ineffable/
Unethical, the woofer made me motion sick/
she put that thank on me feeling ocean thick/
I'm surrounded by good music and the whole damn clique/
and shot after shot we can all get lit/
"ooh where you goin?"/
"Tryna leave without my girls knowing!"/
she made a motion/
I got the notion/
she pulled me close and said: "Look here, I''m tryna see you in the morning."/

2nd Verse

You know I'm too live, I put the beat down, then write rhymes/
exchanging up the fees, do it another time/
D.A.M.E. you know it, so enjoy the ride/
now that you enjoy the ride, let's have a good time/
I put this tape together so that you can bump it in your ride/
not looking for the lime-light/
I just wanna make music that don't believe in time/
Drinks up, from A-cups to D-cups, believe us/
y'all cannot police us, you need us/
don't act like you don't hear me/
put us in the trap with all this propaganda near me/
On the radio man, the music got diluted/
they took all our classics and now they think that they can use it/
but we're to blame I think we bit the bullet/
everywhere I go yall listen to the same bull.../
Rap concerts there's no dancing or no boogieing/
all these females and you worried bout shooting in here/
It's time I grabbed the mic and used/
bring the crew together so we can kick it and cool it/

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