by DameSmiff

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Yet another EP by yours truly.
This is more of a step inside my mind as I matured throughout the year of 2016. Almost all of the songs were recorded at various times so notice a very delicate change throughout.


released March 17, 2017

Instrumentals: Damon Z. Smith III
Lyrics: Damon Z. Smith III
Recording: Damon Z. Smith III
Mixing: Damon Z. Smith III
Mastering: Damon Z. Smith III
Artwork: Damon Z. Smith III

Support and shoutouts!
Big thank you to Nic's Boom Boom Room for helping make this happen!!


all rights reserved



DameSmiff Maryland

Black business owner.

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Track Name: Lemme' Go

Lord just let me go
oh lord just let me go
just let me fly fly away
far far away

First they say put your hands up
dont stand up, you'll get clapped up
if you act up, that's the cops talking,
you understand cuz?, with the dogs barking,
we need answers, it's a cancer, it's a cancer
the way we sing our songs and do our dances,
it aint fun for me, cuz it aint done for free,
i'm growing my own food now, got something to eat,
tryna eat clean, gotta stay lean,
to do what I need, know what I mean?,

but I feel like you can dance if you want,
V.I.B.E., dance non-stop, this should make you move,
not stand and watch, count to three then knock your top,

You should look crazy x2
at least your happy maybe, like life was when you was a baby,
see you think love's for free, well not for me,
i gotta fight all these demons for you to give it to me,
truth is, thank GOD I'm alive and free, I do this for the blood dripping off my family tree...and we will not be the new S.L.A.V.E.'s
and we screaming....


Yea I learned what GOD was when I was five years old, when I saw the kid with the freshest clothes lie to women and call 'em hoes, with a talent that never grows, there's gotta be more to the movement, fund a new language they call it 'Music.' So I saved up and got my tools, cooked up the bap they said "Where the 'boom' at!?,"

So I put it right there, kept a fresh pair of headphones in my ear, taking care of mind, gotta keep it clear, sayin every year gone be my year...
It never happened,, learned about mixing and mastering, learned it on my own, cuz OG's would hassle...

What you do is what you get,
please oh lord dont let em forget,
Cuz when we out here gettin it,
ain't no turning back, im hip
so when you see me low,
keep me high by letting me know,
that you're gonna teach the kids,
to touch the sky and always grow,

Oh it ain't easy, trust me,
i feel the pain in the streets,
so as the story goes,
if you landed down on each knee,
just make sure up is all you see.


Track Name: Actors

How come all these rappers and these actors don't rap about what they see?

Look baby I know just what you mean... x2


Look, okay lemme start breaking it down,
you rappin like a clown just to talk about a town,
you talkin 'bout a crown but where it be at now?
you don't hold your people up you always hold em down,
see I keep my flow immaculate, i dont write calculate,
I make the beat,
spit the rhymes and mix and master bait the fake to the real like we had a date, yea...I know I'm not that late, so just keep it cool like some frosted flakes, I'm all over the chamber when you bust them guns, fakes all over the place, they like to type and run, fakes they stay winning the race cuz they the type to run, you say he not real but you both got a gun, ok well I wont judge you, yeah I held a grudge too but dont act like a dumb youth, see the truth cuts you up like the plug do drugs too, when you in the cell tell me what that guns do?


Shots rang out when the boys in blue (Police) bang out,
we gotta do our thing now, just to get our slang out,
I understand the sentiment, it's imminent,
so move your body now if you really got the moves start killin' it,
we gettin' it, keep gettin' it, I rip the mic like singly ply,
wiping wit a finger missing, you talkin' kitty flippin', that's why the kitty trippin, you got the kiddies flippin', something you must be missing,
I like my misses chilling, winning, winning, spending billions, holistic hindsight, she raising niggas, nigga,
she like to pop it pop it, she like to get it, get it, so what he gone do?
I got you reminiscing, back when I was in the future, mic in hand,
tha's my tool, broken grammar, fool in school, to make your body move, so the cast of this stupid movie never fool ya, I threw the jewels to ya...

Track Name: PG

Aye peeping up the homie
you boys wanna clone me, but they dont even know me, your girl wanna clone me but she just want the old me, you be off that OG, we be off that...


We gone ball regardless, cuz this PG,
sitting tall regardless, we dont care who sees,
blessings steady mobbing as we move our feet, as we move our feet, to the heavens GOD made just for you and me, see me on top vibin off some brand new beats, gotta dodge the law if it's my skin they see, play this back and see...

When you gone be yourself? How you only represent us when we kill ourselves?
Is it for the wealth? Oh I can never tell but products be bought flyin off the shelves...oh least we doin well, take a look at the sky and he wish me well, money come and go call that the 'eco-swell', at least I'm not in jail but at the current rate I can never tell...

Baby I can see through everything I need to, the days come back like sequels... Clear my heart, don't see through, life's so hard we need to try more hard to please you...

(Test test 1 yeah...)


We used beg upon a ride all the time, used to eat the fast food, got our diet back in line, now we flexing all the time, not our fault, you know why, now we all got new whips, see us drivin' wit a smile but you gotta stay humble, could've lost me a brother to, 4 or 5 accidents and you can't make another, when you know you can't protect someone you think 'bout what you could've done, when it's all said and done, it's bout what you been had done...

I'm not alone, I like to spell Grind wit a capital 'G', I'm running out of time like it's spelled without an 'E', I blow my mind when I overcome defeat,
I'm not alone, you be wasting time rapping all about a beef, yea I'm on a diet gimmie bread lettuce and cheese, you only get in line if you not ready to eat...

Cuz real men cook their own food, what I look like owing you when I own you, you got it backwards, do someone control you? You think this on your own? or did you do what someone told you? How come you never step to the challenge? You always do the easy thing like a habit, you take a look at the biggest problem, then you tear it down smash it to pieces and choke 'em to the ground then you say...

(Test test 1 yeah...)


Baby I can see through everything I need to, the days come back like sequels... Clear my heart, don't see through, life's so hard we need to try more hard to please you...
Track Name: Remnants
Oh you think it's easy huh?
Straight breezy huh?
Oh you think you sleazy huh?

Trouble in the city, now you need me huh?
When they say freeze they mean don't breath so much...
Tell us how you brothers my age hugging on the steel, poppin off at anyone, just to prove they real...
Homie why you poppin xans and popping all these seals?
Is it pain that you suffer from?
I know just how you feel...
Wantin' to die but ain't yourself you wanna kill,
look through the lies, your health ain't worth a dollar bill...
Track Name: Jump

So jump around for me baby, jump around
baby jump around for me baby, jump around
So jump around for me baby, jump around
baby jump around, baby jump around... x2


Make sure everybody know just how to treat you girl,
keep picking up them pieces girl, you should know that this is your world,
flexing with them features girl, you're such an investment, this diamond don't come with a necklace, she come with bottled hype, you put my music on, she gone jump around like a soda and go... (POP) When I met her she had told me she was heaven-sent, I believe her cuz I been thinking 'bout heaven since, just to please you, what you see just a tease dude, you gone have to see through the flexing, I got you testing the taste of the best and she not one to wreck wit', your girl say it on the gram, she speak it with her chest and keep me on her mind cuz my rhymes too hectic, so check it, you texting? She nexting, her weapon?, her mental, correction YOUR mental, still tho you hold her up, I hold her down for real so jump around like no one is around, if he try to hold you down, let him know who wear the crown then go make him settle down with another one 'cuz tonight we gone have some fun,

spin around x4, pop it like a gun

I make you move through my teeth to your feet and she don't play no games with the moves you can see, I got the mic on lock, you can't her dance cuz you can't MC, she pulled me close and said "Baby, tell me what you wanna see?"



I got things that's getting better for me
You need change that's getting better for you
We can't be together but at least we can put pressure on it...

'til the song ends I'm gone win, you dog her out, she gets it in,
So baby what you gone do now?
She said she has no clue how she stood you before so what she gone do now?

Track Name: Shelter

I don't know if you feel me but you should know this the real me,

Ooh girl this the real me, Ooh girl this the real me, Ooh girl this the real me...


She said: "Well I don't care what you say, don't cash checks on Friday 'cuz with my heart you'll never play and this is no game." and I said: "Baby girl don't test your luck 'cuz with my heart you'll never f*ck wit, just let me know that I'm your one, your one, your one..."


Here we go I see, here we go I see, feel hot fire when you're looking at me, burn it down just by looking at me, girl, I told you what to do, read your plan like a book I see, what would you do if a dude like me, had you mad 'bout something new I see, now let's be clear 'cuz I been feeling crazy, staying up trying not to say maybe, but maybe, but maybe, but maybe, but maybe, but maybe...

Pass it up, lay it up, you never hold me down but you always hold me up and when I give you the crown, keep it shiny told me that you loved me, said you'd never put another one above me, had me feeling like that, you couldn't trust me but luckily this love's for free...

Swapped out the locks for deadbolts, I'll never let another one in so let's hope this heart can stand another barrage of arrows, the last shot was close so I have to be careful uh....

I don't think you know what you're looking for...
So baby she said: "If you knew that you would love me more."

Track Name: What Year Is It feat. Dejan Williams
What Year is it?



What year is it baby?

Year of the pristine

Got the club jumpin in 2017

What year is it baby?

You already know what to do!

Put your hands and make em do what they do

What year is it baby?


Turn this up like I'm gone and you miss me

What yea is it baby?

Time. To. Party. Like. You. Love somebody!



Verse 1

Welcome to a brand new era

Sound so clean like the white on my sclera

Joke's on you this joint's foreva

Thank the almighty for intangible treasure

Blessed, one lesson,

love one, don't test it

Treat her like a good girl,

eat her right, heaven,

spend up all your bands,

feel bad then reset it


Spend up all ya money

Blow it all on nice things

Forget about love

Forget about investing

She's spoiled, no doubt

But expect a lesson

She be watching

She be waitin

Scopin out the scene for assimilation

The game get dry, she out floodgatin

Shinin with the jewels and flex on you hater



I've been feelin crazy

I hope that you dont hate me

Like a dog I've trained see

This here aint the same me

I wont let you sedate me

I hope that you dont hate me

Shoutin out: "Just maybe!!"

Pick your favorite part girl

Lets tear this room apart girl

Your movement's like an art girl

I dont know where to start girl

Love can take you far girl

You might be a star girl

But you cant fly in cars girl

I thought you was a smart girl


Chorus x2


Verse 2

Uh, whatchu mean tho

Countin all the money

On the scene tho

Blue in the face

You a C-note

What you do

Take a loan

Cuz you need more

and you spend it like you crazy

Livin like you lazy

Can you get more brazy

Shout it out: "Just maybe!!"



Oh I've been feeling crazy

Oh i see that you hate me

Problem is that lately

I cannot be great see

Without just contemplating

Everything I may see

But baby baby

Uh i need you

I see you

You work so hard

Almost never wanna be you

Hold the cook down in the kitchen

And I'll feed you

Salt off the elbow grease

Figgadle boo

Let gets righteous baby

Ima show you some things

I kight be crazy

But love'll take you there

She smiled said maybe

Love dont come with prices baby

Track Name: Sands

Loser, loser that is my name, shooter, shooter, this is no game, who's this, who's this? Oh, this is Dame, come to move ya and change the game...

booyakah, booyakah, killed me some lames, they tried to take our culture so stay in yall lane, I do this, do this just to stay sane, you're not the king so peep how I reign, I make it do what i do, just like a vulture, every time I rhyme I up and invent a new culture, black music is over, at your door like a Jehovah, cracking heads open just to reinvent all the old stuff but you know what?I'm colder and colder and colder and colder, I thought I had told you but now I must show you, before this verse is over, break the beat down, oh yeah well I'm a loner, so no 'us'...

So do just what you wanna do the movie here is starring you, never settle for number, cuz there won't be another you, think that there is another you?, tell me who is the other you? now you sitting here sounding just like these other fools....

Shake that shawty, Shake that shawty, up and down like it's your party, yea I bet you liked that but tell you what baby girl you ain't getting that time back...



When I see you out up in these, I know you doin' sweet, no trick or no treat, I love the way your beats make me move my feet and the message that you speak is just what I need, now when i tune in, I get the moving, we get the moving, the world is moving, such a pleasure, baby, can you do me one thing, just make love to ears once again...

Well who you think you bumping to? Some kid and some other dude, scheming so pyramid, I slid past them other dudes, such an impeccable mage, I'm ineffable, yall just learning 'bout the biz, I been set in stone....

Shake that shawty, Shake that shawty, up and down like it's your party, I had to let you know, them kicks couldn't let 'em go, gave you some ignorance cuz i know that's all you know, so when you do this, they bound to ask you: "Who this!?", let 'em know you down wit Dame, straight cooling, better wear your freshest gear coming out to do this cuz when i press play they coming out straight foolin' like...

Shake that shawty, Shake that shawty, up and down like it's your party, yea I bet you liked that but tell you what baby girl you ain't getting that time back...

Track Name: Forget (Mello Remix)

Here's what I'm gone do, hold up salute, to the brand new dudes without they crew, scrapin' up they tunes, don't know what to do? just keep it cool, eat food, keep it clean, wet and dirty, just like the pool, we just like you, tryna make it to round 2...



I got a feeling, today is kinda hittin', bass, treble, system got the whole block tippin', can't nobody tell me different, got my raybans and I'm whippin, got you looking with that envy, come and join me we can get it, I get it get it get it and I think you never heard of me, I studied up on the game, these trenches are looking dirty b, innovation is the main key, so when you need that new you holla D.A.M.E.,

Yea, I call it kingpinning, cook up this dope and keep the people spinning, that mood changer, that number one banger, you think I'm selling coke, not the same player, see this crack music, put that flavor in ya ear, living the fast life and now I'm switching gears and then I'm gone, I'm looking good, trips to Italy, shows in Moscow...


I get it get it get it and I gotta get mine, keep the world in rotation, and these beats are sublime, just to stay ahead of you keep business in mind, but you worried bout fame and not looking at the time, but you take your little beats and you write your little rhymes, but when it come to business your revenue decline, yea, but I gotta love your passion, you got your little fans and they wear your little fashion but analytics and profit, how come they never matching, its an internet game, the server never crashing, competition is fierce don't get ate like the last kid and if I'm telling the truth then tell me why you mad then...


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